Intelligent Use of Social Media for SEO

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On May - 24 - 2011

Social Media has been engaged with numerous benefits for the website marketers. Few benefits were tangible (like the number of likes, fans and followers) and few not (like enhanced customer service, brand recognition and developing lasting relationships). As a part of your marketing campaign you can’t regret the importance of social media. Social Media Websites are here to stay and it is up to us to make sure that we use it to their best advantages.

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Deals, Offers and Discount Coupons – Best Way to Increase Online Sales!

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On Jan - 25 - 2011

Nowadays, business merchants believe that product sales increase when they sell their products through group deals online – several merchants have reported that their online sales have shot up by over 50% as a result of these deals.

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Art of Writing Adwords Ads

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On Nov - 30 - 2010

There are many techniques involved in running your own Ads in Google Adwords for your company and business. But those techniques cannot be seen by your potential customers but the only thing visible is your Ad Content.

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Optimization Tips to Improve Your Google Adwords Campaign

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On August - 30 - 2010

From the time Google introduced Adwords in 2005, it has achieved new highs among the online advertisers. Google Adwords always tries to display unique and useful URLs from which its search engine users and advertisers can benefit from


Techniques Involved in Social Networking Optimization

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On July - 24 - 2010

Social Networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut, Myspace, Twitter and etc. plays a huge role in generating traffic for your websites which in turn generates more business. With millions of people arriving in to these websites every day, there is no better place to promote your business online.


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Search Engine Strategies | SEO Process | SEO Updates

Everyone has their own way of doing SEO, and that’s the better way to do it. But, streamlining your SEO process will make your SEO process to run successfully.

Preparing the Best SEO Strategies

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On 4:10 AM

SEO or Search Engine optimization is a process or technique followed to rank your website on top of the search engines. In which, developing an SEO Strategy that typically suits a website is most important. It is extremely important to know where your website currently stands and what is required to improve the same.
SEO is a sensitive action, and if anything goes wrong in your process it will ruin your entire SEO Campaign. Hence you need to be sure of what you are going to perform in order to ensure that your website is completely search engine optimized. Leading webmasters does not frame particular steps or process to do SEO for any website but they say to prepare a strategy that works well for your website.
As I am speaking about SEO Strategy, we need to know what a strategy is. Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. In SEO, Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve top search ranking in major search engines. While preparing a SEO Strategy you need to identify what your website lagging in achieving top ranking in search engines.
Major things to consider when you prepare an SEO Strategy for a Website:
  1. Keywords: Check whether the targeted keywords are spread across the website. As the keywords are the main sources to rank your website on top of the search engines. Also check whether major keywords are present at Title, Meta Tags and Head tags.
  2. Content: Content plays a vital role in placing your website at the top of search results. Need to ensure that the content is optimized with the keywords by maintaining good keyword density.
  3. Image Optimization: Need to ensure that keywords are placed in the ALT Tags for all the images.
  4. Internal Linking: Check whether your website has been inter-linked for major keywords. Need to find the best inter linking strategy to be used in the website.
  5. Google Analytics and Webmaster: Ensure that the Google analytics and webmaster code for different search engines are intact for the website.
  6. Index Status: Check whether your website has been crawled and indexed by the search engines. Without your site being indexed by search engines all your SEO Activities will go useless.
  7. Check for Backlinks: Check how many backlinks that your website generates. Backlinks also plays a vital role in placing you website on top of the search results.
  8. Nature of Backlinks: SE always looks for quality backlinks. Need to find the nature of backlinks that your website currently generates. So that you can concentrate on what is lagging for your website.
  9. Twitter Profile: Check whether your website has twitter profile and also check whether your twitter profile has been updated with Tweets regularly
When you check for the above given points, you will in a clear state of mind in preparing SEO Strategy for your website. You will exactly know what is lagging in your website and what should be done in order to overcome that. When you does this, your SEO Campaign will become a huge success, instead of just performing on-page and off-page without any goals.  

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