Intelligent Use of Social Media for SEO

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On May - 24 - 2011

Social Media has been engaged with numerous benefits for the website marketers. Few benefits were tangible (like the number of likes, fans and followers) and few not (like enhanced customer service, brand recognition and developing lasting relationships). As a part of your marketing campaign you can’t regret the importance of social media. Social Media Websites are here to stay and it is up to us to make sure that we use it to their best advantages.

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Deals, Offers and Discount Coupons – Best Way to Increase Online Sales!

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On Jan - 25 - 2011

Nowadays, business merchants believe that product sales increase when they sell their products through group deals online – several merchants have reported that their online sales have shot up by over 50% as a result of these deals.

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Art of Writing Adwords Ads

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On Nov - 30 - 2010

There are many techniques involved in running your own Ads in Google Adwords for your company and business. But those techniques cannot be seen by your potential customers but the only thing visible is your Ad Content.

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Optimization Tips to Improve Your Google Adwords Campaign

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On August - 30 - 2010

From the time Google introduced Adwords in 2005, it has achieved new highs among the online advertisers. Google Adwords always tries to display unique and useful URLs from which its search engine users and advertisers can benefit from


Techniques Involved in Social Networking Optimization

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On July - 24 - 2010

Social Networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut, Myspace, Twitter and etc. plays a huge role in generating traffic for your websites which in turn generates more business. With millions of people arriving in to these websites every day, there is no better place to promote your business online.


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Everyone has their own way of doing SEO, and that’s the better way to do it. But, streamlining your SEO process will make your SEO process to run successfully.

From the time Google introduced Adwords in 2005, it has achieved new highs among the online advertisers. Google Adwords always tries to display unique and useful URLs from which its search engine users and advertisers can benefit from. People involved in affiliates trying to display the repeated URLs to gain more money from Affiliate programs. It displays best Ads when the same URLs have been used by different advertisers.
So as an advertiser you need significant more effort in order to make your Adwords campaign successful. You need to optimize it in such a way that your ads get more online presence. Here are the few tips from which you can get maximum benefit out of your Adwords campaign.

Build a Specific Landing Page:
It is highly important to build a specific and unique Landing Page for your product or services. Do not forget that 90% of internet users are always looking for information and thus expect fresh and unique from your side. If you are selling products through your landing page, include product images, reviews, and professionally written product description. Ensure that your landing page load time is low and loads faster under any connection.
Do Not Entice a Direct Sale:
Building a trusted and long relationship with user is most important. Do not ask user for a direct sale, pre-sale or post sale when entered in to your landing page. Offer a form to the visitors to enter his/her e-mail address in order to get more information about the product or service you are promoting. Try to convince the visitor by explaining why this product or service will add value. This will help out to make real customer for the products or services you are offering. 
Generate Keywords, Campaigns and Ad Groups
  1. Generate keywords for your products or services and landing page. Ensure that you select highly relevant keywords for your products or services. Try to group the generated keywords to manage different “keyword families”.
  2. Each ad group that you create should be dedicated only to one keyword family. Do not use keywords of different type in the same ad group. For ex. if your Keyword is "shoes", try an Ad Group with "Blue Shoes", "Red Shoes", "Mountain shoes" and so on. Create a set of negative keywords for which your ad does not want to show. This is to avoid clicks for no sale.
  3. Use your primary keywords in the Ad title and descriptions. Google tends to highlight the words searched by the users. It will help to increase the CTR (Click Thru Rate) of your ads. Increase in CTR will lower your CPC (Cost per click).
  4. Add some call to action in your ad description like Learn More, Visit Now, etc. in order to get more clicks for your ads. It is better to add benefits of buying your product like Low price, Discount, etc. this will keep users interested in clicking your ads.
  5. Create more ad variations in an Ad group, to show the different ad version for the group of keyword. Monitor the CTR of each of your Ad and keep what gets you more CTR and importantly more sale online. Experiment, test, evaluate, change and keep only the best results.
  6. Exclude the "content search" option to reach highly targeted traffic. Only in the case you have an amazing conversion rate, activate this option to maximize your profits.
  7. Keep calculating the value per visitor on a regular basis. Just divide the achieved earnings in a given period (i.e. weekly) thru the clicks in the same period. This is your maximum CPC (Cost per Click). Adjust your maximum bid accordingly. Try to maximize profits, not just to lower the CPC.
  8. Track your ads everyday and all time. Google provides the conversion tracking facility to monitor the performance of your Ads. You can easily identify the non performing or converting keywords and ads and delete them without spending too much money on that.
If you monitor your Ads on a regular basis and take care of the topics mentioned here, you may have a great benefit also from the new system used by Google. Try to differentiate yourself with high quality and content from your competition and enjoy your profits!


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