Intelligent Use of Social Media for SEO

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On May - 24 - 2011

Social Media has been engaged with numerous benefits for the website marketers. Few benefits were tangible (like the number of likes, fans and followers) and few not (like enhanced customer service, brand recognition and developing lasting relationships). As a part of your marketing campaign you can’t regret the importance of social media. Social Media Websites are here to stay and it is up to us to make sure that we use it to their best advantages.

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Deals, Offers and Discount Coupons – Best Way to Increase Online Sales!

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On Jan - 25 - 2011

Nowadays, business merchants believe that product sales increase when they sell their products through group deals online – several merchants have reported that their online sales have shot up by over 50% as a result of these deals.

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Art of Writing Adwords Ads

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On Nov - 30 - 2010

There are many techniques involved in running your own Ads in Google Adwords for your company and business. But those techniques cannot be seen by your potential customers but the only thing visible is your Ad Content.

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Optimization Tips to Improve Your Google Adwords Campaign

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On August - 30 - 2010

From the time Google introduced Adwords in 2005, it has achieved new highs among the online advertisers. Google Adwords always tries to display unique and useful URLs from which its search engine users and advertisers can benefit from


Techniques Involved in Social Networking Optimization

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On July - 24 - 2010

Social Networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut, Myspace, Twitter and etc. plays a huge role in generating traffic for your websites which in turn generates more business. With millions of people arriving in to these websites every day, there is no better place to promote your business online.


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Search Engine Strategies | SEO Process | SEO Updates

Everyone has their own way of doing SEO, and that’s the better way to do it. But, streamlining your SEO process will make your SEO process to run successfully.

Maintaining a Blog – Not Easy and Not So Tough!

Posted by Shaikul Akbar On 11:24 PM

It is not wise to say what a blog is. Every webmaster and technology geek people know what a blog is. The fact here is, “How good and clever you maintain your own or business blog?”. Nowadays people create blogs either to market themselves or their business. As websites are highly tough and time consuming to update with fresh contents. In Blog it is easy to add or update fresh content at the Blogging Service providers made it simple for their users.
Everything is not over by just setting up a blog and makes it running. You need to maintain in such a way that it attracts more readers. As more and more people get into blogging, it’s become a Herculean task to attract readers. It is important that, “How do you compete with millions of other bloggers and develop an audience that consistently comes back to your blog?” There are three major factors you need to concentrate on in maintaining a blog and here are they
Blog Fundamentals
Building Your Audience
Let us see one by one in detail.
Blog Fundamentals
Experts always say that, “Keep fundamentals correct”. For any work or process may be you need to get the fundamentals correct i.e. basic correct, in order to succeed. Before we get into actual traffic building tips, let’s start with how to make your blog worth reading. There are certain factors need to be taken care to get the blog fundamentals correct.
  1. Your Niche: Before you start your blogging process, be sure of what your blog is all about. Be clear your niche and thoughts that you are going to express in your blog. Be smart in choosing your niche, identify your target audience and give them what they want.
  2. Be Original: Be original in whatever you present in your blog. Do not copy the content of the famous blog and post it in yours. Try to search for the hot topic for day and build your own subject in it. While it is tempting to see what someone else is blogging about and then re-blog about it, it creates a vicious cycle where only a few stories are discussed.
  3. Platform, Design and Domain Name: Website or blog, you need to present in an attractive manner. Choosing blog platform, design and domain name plays a major role in your blogs success. Thanks, because you have free Blog Platforms and design templates that works well in those platforms. Select and customize it according to your niche and audience. Choosing domain name is critical; your domain name should reflect what your blog content is all about.
Maintaining your Blog
Once the fundamentals are correct, it’s time to start build your blog. Here are some tips on how to build a good foundation that will help you increase your traffic.
  1. Consistency: Once you start your blog, fix a schedule and stick to it. You need to ensure that you deliver something for your audience at the right span of time. It is not necessary to write a blog everyday but posting blog at equal interval will help to improve will help.
  2. Topic Selection: You know your niche, now understand what the current trend and the topic is what the people searching for. Try to find an angle to your posts that will interest a wide variety of people to ensure that your blog will appeal to a larger audience.
  3. Incorporate Basic SEO: Try to learn what SEO is, if you are not familiar with it. Basic SEO principles include using keywords wisely, writing effective post titles and utilizing meta tags when applicable. Main source of traffic for your blog is search engine. You need to optimize your post to get SE presence. Post titles are an essential part of creating a searchable blog and they will help improve your search engine ranking. Be descriptive, but not overly so.
  4. Interaction Resources: Make sure that you enable all your interaction resources like comments, pinging back etc. You need ensure that your blog readers have something source to interact with the blog writers. In that case you can make your blog more interesting and you can keep the audience as well.
  5. Linking Strategies: Links plays a vital role in blogging services. If you own a business blog, when you write something interesting which relates your business you can directly link particular keyword to your business website. For information related or self blog you can link to some other reliable resources from where you get the information. You can also inter link some specific posts in your blog. When you write a blog in different parts you link between each of them starting by saying “in my previous post”
  6. Tagging: Use the correct tagging for your post which best describes your blog post. This will help your readers to find your blog posts.
Above discussed are the major points that one needs to take care while maintaining a blog. Hope this is useful if you have any other point which I have forgot to discuss please mention it in the comments section.

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